Brasov Council House, Museum of History

Brasov Council House, Museum of History

On December 23rd 1420, it has been issued the act that mentioned for the first time the chamber destined to „justice rendering” and the sittings of the town’s Magistrate, located above the vault of the furriers’ guild on the main market place of “Brașov’s Stronghold”.

The following documents record the works that took place at the above mentioned building of 1503 under the name of Praetorium. In 1521 there are mentioned the guardian’s chamber and the prison located in the Council’s House, while the older tower, became part of the assembly, suffered an increase in height during the years 1515 and 1528; it was endowed with a pyramidal roof surrounded by the four little towers, symbolizing in the Middle Ages the supreme town’s jurisdiction – jus gladii. Starting with 1520, the artisan Georgius of Sighişoara works at the assemblage of the tower clock’s quadrant, ornamented with coats of arms, the scenery being restored by the Dominicus pictor in 1528, with „the moon and four stars richly gilded”.

Brasov Council House, Museum of History

Under the squire Michael Hermann’s administration, later to become mayor judge of the town, the building is renewed by the setting up of a new location for the meetings o the centumviral community (1646).

Destroyed by the devastating fire of 1689, which affected the most part of the representative buildings of the „Brașov’s Stronghold”, the Council’s House is rebuilt in baroque style, between 1774 and 1778, with the loggia decorated with the town’s blazonry and the tower’s „domed roof”, conserved in this form until 1910. At the end of the XVIIIth century, the clock of the „Trumpeters’ Tower”, with their quadrants painted by Joseph Moor in 1775, used to represent one of the town’s attractions.
Until 1923, the Council’s House used to conserve the towns’ archive, and since 1950, the building received the function of museum, with historical and archaeological collections.

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