Brasov: Citadel, bastion enclosure, garrison headquarters, XVIth-XVIIIth centuries

In order to reach the city the tourist has to take the stairs behind the Art High School or to go by car on Castle Hill. The road is lined with oaks and their coolness is a delight in the hot summer days.

The Citadel was not always so impressive, as in 1529 it was just a wodden fortification. Basically, at the begining there was a single wooden tower, and then the construction of brick and stone which was overseeing the commercial road coming from Bran and entering the city thorught a customs gate.


The city’s accounting books have recorded that for the initial construction 650 florins have been spent. The core of the present fortress has been built of stone in 1550 by the Habsburg troops. In defense towers and fortifications of Brasov, there were people who had to strictly take care of the gate key. Of course the keys dimensions were not so great, but it was a huge responsibility. In 1630 the four corner bastions are added, which have been preserved until nowadays.

The Citadel’s destination remains the garrison until the beginning of the nineteenth century. After 1850 it becomes for a long time military prison for a long time.

After Worl War I, The Town Hall tried somehow toget away of the building, so it has been offered to king Carol 2 for only one leu. As the pragmatic Carol did not accept it, the building continued to deteriorate.

In the Second World War, it became a prison, until the ’50s.

During communism, the fortress has been transformed into a sort of a prison. It became a jamming station of the city, because people can not listen to radio stations that were not agreed.

After 1975 the fortress has been restored in the medieval style, with guns, weapons and armored knights, giving the place a special atmosphere. The complex now has a medieval hall, a Transylvanian one and a wine cellar where tastings are held. Like any self-respecting city, here there is a fountain that used to have over 80 meters deep. Now it is said that this place brings luck. It’s enough to sacrifice a coin to see the dreams coming true. (

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