Rope Street in Brasov included in a top of the narrow streets in the world by the American magazine The Huffington Post

Last Updated on martie 21, 2014

Journalists at Huffington Post has compiled a top of the narrow streets in the world (February 18, 2014):

„We’ve traveled twisty roads. And pretty roads. And really foodie-friendly roads.

But have you ever squished down such a skinny road?

Button up your jeans, suck in your breath, and best of luck.

Strada Sforii in Brasov, Romania
Strada Sforii means “Rope Street,” and this alley is certainly almost as thin as a cord. Built as a corridor for firemen in the 15th century, it’s just 43 inches wide at its skinniest point. Snuggle through it to find more of old town Brasov on the other side.”


In the article are presented the streets: Spreuerhofstraße in Reutlingen, Germany (the official narrowest street in the world); “The Narrowest Alley in Italy” (in the medieval town of Ripatransone); Parliament Street in Exeter, England; Fan Tan Alley in Victoria, Canada; The Guoliang Tunnel in Henan, China and Treasury Street in St. Augustine, Florida.


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